Sunday, February 27, 2005

spring break

ryan and i finally booked a trip to san francisco. i'm excited. :) we're going for five days (3/12-3/17). i've never been west of the mississippi before. (it used to be "i've never been west of the appalachians," but that changed when we went to chicago, haha.) a virgin experience - it's always strange to me to see places in person i've only seen on tv. it's even stranger to see those places on tv after i've been there. i get so used to believing that these places only exist on tv that it's hard to believe otherwise.

i remember when i got back from toronto in 96. i saw niagara falls on tv, and i thought, "whoa, i was just there." even now, when i see the CN tower, it's hard to believe i was running around up there and got in trouble for jumping on the window in the floor. :P (incredible considering my fear of heights.) the same thing happened when i got home from chicago. chicago is always on tv somewhere or another. i saw places i had been or passed through, and all i could think was, "hey, i was just there!" now i've seen san francisco on tv plenty of times, so it'll feel like i've walked into the tv. when i get back, all i'll be able to think is, "that place is real."

i'm unbelievably dorky.

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