Sunday, April 03, 2005


yay for turning 24 with the most wonderful boy in the world. ;) i <3 my geek. :P

we had planned on going to DC to watch the fireworks last night, but it was pouring out so we decided against it. (we had also planned on hitting up the dessert and coffee thing at phillip's, but it would have been a little boring without the fireworks.) we had dinner, played a little, and made a cake. hehe it wasn't the best cake, but whatever - how often does someone make me a cake? ;)

we got tickets to HFStival yesterday. yay! pretty good line-up this year, bands i've never seen live. (good charlotte is playing again, but is anyone surprised? expect to here lots of the "thanks HFS for giving us a chance" blahblahblah.) dc101's chili cookoff is next month too, neither of us has ever been to it, it might be fun. (it's better than an nsync concert!!)

hehe... well, off to go shopping with mom. :) i'm feeling so good right now.

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