Tuesday, April 12, 2005

things i find

i just found this on CL while i was browsing. i thought it was really good, so here are the parts that i felt were things i might say (with minor editing), probably much less eloquently:
"What I Want"
Someone who remembers how I like my coffee (two sugars, two cream).

Someone who will glance across the table at me at a dinner party, with a look that reads, “I have plans for you later.”

Someone who understands that said plans should be about fun and intimacy. And may mean that you have to sleep in on Sunday.

Someone who educates me about what they do and why they do it. And it should be something that really “gets them out of bed in the morning”, meaning, they are looking for or have found something they love, and someone to pay them to do it.

Someone who immediately hands me the Style section when we open the Washington Post together, and doesn’t give me grief that I do the crossword before learning what is going on in the world.

Someone to be a witness to my life, and me to his. This means bearing witness to the graduations, promotions, triumphs, as well as the times you do something truly stupid and regrettable.

Someone who helps you realize that people do stupid and regrettable things, and we love them anyway. Sounds trite perhaps, but it helps to have others show you the lesson to be learned.

Someone I like “that way” for reasons that maybe I don’t even understand.

Someone who is comfortable in their own skin, but takes care of themselves. And I don’t mean a person who feels compelled to work out all the time and read everything under the sun. Just a guy who knows you are born with one body and one mind, so it makes sense to take care of both.

Someone who offers to pick up the check when they have dinner with my parents for the first time. Even if they don’t know that my parents would never let them pay.

Someone who realizes that even if you don’t swing that way, other people do. We can’t help who we love. Let people live their lives. ‘nuff said.

Someone who laughs. Often.

The End.

Hell, I would just settle for someone who knows how I like my coffee.
i think i'm on my way there...

i need to feel better about myself.

i am not my mistakes.
i am not my mistakes.
i am not my mistakes.

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