Monday, April 18, 2005

weekend rundown

well, i managed to spend friday, saturday, and sunday with ryan. it wasn't all roses, but there were a couple roses involved. :)

friday night i drove up to see him because i missed him. i saw him on wednesday, but two days is a long time. ;) we played as only virgins can (haha). we ended up getting into a little tiff and it made me cry a little, but we figured it all out.

saturday he came here and we just hung out. late lunch at chipotle's, late dinner of pizza, watched some price is right, SVU, and SNL. ;) we're just homebodies. but i love just snuggling with him. he's so soft and squishy.

sunday, we spent the day driving around with the top down because it was so damn nice outside! :D he took us all over the county, we saw some really nice houses. i didn't realize how rural it really was if you go just a few miles out from where he lives. we grabbed some burgers for dinner, then watched "brain candy." then we snuggled and he made me giggle. ;)

*sigh* i love him.

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