Sunday, April 10, 2005

prep part iii

Finally, I said, "Do you--"

He was kissing my shoulder. He did not say anything but I could feel him listening.

The moment stretched. He propped himself up to look at me. My hands had been set on either side of his rib cage, but I became self-conscious and pulled my arms in, as if to block a ball from hitting my chest. He moved my arms, first one, then the other, and set them at my sides. I liked this about him, how he didn't let me get away with things. If it was like we were starting from the beginning every time, it wasn't that I was testing him. It was more like needing proof: You want to be here, you want to touch me. In these moments, when I was stiff or bashful, he'd say, "No shyness," and burrow into me, and shyness seemed such a generous word for it. (Prep)
went to see the cherry blossoms with ryan yesterday. the trees were so beautiful. :) i wish there had been time (and more importantly, opportunity) to take pictures - there were just so many people there, it was nearly impossible to stop even for a moment. it was such a nice day too - perfectly warm in he sun, not a cloud in the sky. holding the hand of the boy i love. 0:)

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