Sunday, April 24, 2005

the power of dessert

well, another nice weekend with ryan. :)

well, because my weekend starts on friday. :P i finally got some stuff put away, so it doesn't look like i've just moved into my room now. both bookshelves are now filled and positioned where i want them. i still have a box of stuff on the floor (mostly CDs) that i need to figure out. that gives me a whole lot of empty space to fill. i looked at some stuff at ikea - things cost a little more than i was hoping to pay, but it'll be worth it to have a comfy room. i even got stuff put away in my desk - it still looks cluttered, but most of what's left on top is junk anyways, so i can just sweep it into the trash. then i can finally put my laptop up there and not sit hunched over on my bed. :P still need to figure out where to put the tv and dvd player... oh, and string up my gazillion lights. :D the hello kitty lights are definitly going above my bed.

earlier in the week, i had found this recipe for Mediterranean chicken and baked potatoes with pesto. we went shopping for a few things we needed, then we got it all ready. the chicken marinade smelled so good, we were both drooling. :P we let it sit for a couple hours. then we watched kung fu hustle. very funny, especially if you catch the references to other movies. :D when we got back, we made the chicken and potatoes - the chicken was supposed to be grilled but we broiled it instead (out of control fire!). it was yummy! well, when you add all that love, food always tastes better. ;) (eww that's so mushy, haha.) then we had whipped cream for dessert. :D :D :D

waited for ryan to wake up (very late!). i went over and waited with him for his parents to arrive. they're here for the week, so ryan's got the week off too. we sat around for a bit, then went out to dinner. *sigh* i promised ryan i would be well-behaved while they're here. not that i'm not always well-behaved. ;)

hmm, work tomorrow. not really looking forward to it. i have five girls, and they just don't really care. they spend most of the time gossipping about who's going out with whom. it's frustrating, and sometimes it's not even worth what i'm getting paid. i know it's a lot of money, but i'm not getting anything out of it. kathy told me to be tough with the girls, but that only makes the gossipping worse - their focus shifts to me. i don't really care what they have to say about me, but it detracts from class. last week i told them if they didn't complete their homework (they always have a week to do it), they would not be allowed to sit in class; rather, they would need to find an empty room and finish it. otherwise, i will ask them never to return to my class. that's fine with me - there's one girl who's somewhat serious that i'd rather work with individually. at least she makes an effort. *sigh* this is why i never want to teach middle school. they're at the age where they don't want to be treated like little kids but they have little respect for adults. i think freshmen are a good group - i had a pretty good experience with them during my student teaching.


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