Thursday, April 07, 2005

i went *shopping* yesterday. :) i got a cordorouy skirt (much shorter than i normally wear, but it was cute), a pink polo, and two strapless dresses (one pink, one black). i don't think i've worn a dress since i graduated in '03. well, there was the one i wore for the holiday party, but that was mandatory. i tried them on for my mom yesterday, she seemed to like them. now i just have to see what ryan thinks.

it's been a strange week, at times both long and quick. i spent all day monday thinking it was thursday. yesterday, it felt like monday. today feels like friday. i'm all off. it's the crazy weather. it's not as sunny or warm as it was yesterday. it's supposed to rain, but i haven't seen any yet. it's supposed to rain on saturday too, which kinda sucks because i wanted to go downtown and see the cherry blossoms. i guess if it does rain, i can take myself over there on sunday, maybe with mom.

so i'm thinking maybe i should find something fun to do for my birthday, kind of a late solo celebration. (that sounds vulgar.) an email from melissa reminded me that i'm not getting any younger... that i have to enjoy myself while my knees still work (well, sort of). maybe virginia beach since i've never been? dunno. i'm feeling a little... bleh.

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