Thursday, January 20, 2005


discreet adj. capable of preserving prudent silence; having or showing discernment or good judgment

mom, please stop discussing my reproductive issues with dad. it is embarrassing. you know, ten years ago, was it necessary to celebrate my first period?


i think she's just relieved that i'm not pregnant. she seems pretty enthusiastic about birth control, though. hmm.

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  1. I know how ya feel! My mom was a "monkey" about period, she was like omg it's so bad blah blah and when my period started I didn't tell her cause I felt like she would torture me if she knew.... cause she would and then she found out on her own. She was like if i had know we could have celebrated....... (er... I don't need the world to know)
    My mom doesn't even know what the heck birth control is....