Saturday, January 22, 2005

the return of the rock!

now, i had an awesome day with ryan BUT...

*sob* *sniffle* WHFS is back! :D :D :D *sigh* what a relief. back on the radio, and now broadcasting live online at what an excellent world it is indeed. (as much as i detest AOL, i do thank them for helping WHFS get back on their feet.) this summer's HFStival will be bittersweet. *sniffle*

another round of thanks to... MICROSOFT and LavaSoft. i know, you love to hate them. but last night, i released the most horrible string of expletives when i had spyware installed on my computer. finally, after five scans with AntiSpyware and five scans with Ad-Aware, my computer is clean. if you ever find your IE has been hijacked by the Elite Toolbar, just run AntiSpyware and Ad-Aware alternatively a few times. it's tedious, but it sure beats a system reinstall. :) so now i'm spyware freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

so yea, ryan. 0:) it started snowing after he got here, and it was just coming down. i was afraid it would pile up really quickly and that he'd get stuck here. (not that i would have minded, but my parents might have shit a brick.) we watched some tv, watched a movie, played in the snow!! ryan laughed at me because i got my gloved hand stuck on the street sign pole. and i was my cute self, as usual. :P when we were outside, there was a large patch of clean snow. i told ryan to wait on the sidewalk, and i wrote "I <3 U" in the snow. :D i wish i had taken a picture of it. am i the best girlfriend or what? ;) then we went shopping. sort of. we went to landmark but the whole place was closed except for hecht's. that was where i had wanted to go anyway, so i bought this cute button down shirt for him for valentine's day. he knew about it so i figured he might as well try it on so i could see how it fit. then we came back, ate pizza, and watched SVU. *sigh* what a lovely winter day.

i hope everyone stayed safe and warm on this cold snowy day.

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