Sunday, January 30, 2005

my interview

i think i may have forgotten to mention that i have an interview at westfield high school on monday. i'm excited that i could be getting a permanent job already, but i'm also worried that i won't get it. let's face it--i'm not the most experienced candidate. if i get the job, that'll be fantastic; i'll be one step closer to getting my life straightened out and moving out on my own. if i don't get the job, that's okay; i'll take it as a learning experience. of course, i'd be a little sad (okay, maybe a lot), but i won't look at it as a rejection. i mean, i think it's really nice of them to even consider me. :)

did everyone see all the wonderful snow falling this morning?? beautiful. i wish i could have been outside when it was snowing. i've always wanted to be outside with ryan when the first snow falls. being 30 miles apart kind of makes that difficult. :
i've got a busy week ahead.

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