Thursday, January 27, 2005

joys of womanhood

i am annoyed. i am bleeding for the third time in less than a month. o_O wtf? there is no explanation for this. i have not been under stress, i have no changed my diet, i have not gained or lost weight (a little sad that i haven't...), i have not had a change in my sleep schedule, i have not taken any medication, i have not suffered any injuries, i have not had sex, i am not pregnant.

oh. my. god. what the hell?


i am going to see my doctor tonight. i am so special because i get to go to his house. well, last time i talked to him, he said it's possible my body's not producing enough estrogen. i should have gone to student health and gotten an exam when i was thinking of it two weeks ago. oof. i'll see what he says tonight, then make an appointment.

and what is up with having to attend an info session before seeing a gyno? "to learn what to expect in a pelvic exam"? if you don't know, then you're in trouble.


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