Monday, January 31, 2005

i'm not really sure how the interview went. i guess it was okay. they didn't ask to see any of my work, so i didn't show them. should i have offered anyway? i got there really early, and i saw the girl that had the interview before me. she had just a folder with her. they seemed to like me. there was a lot that i had in common with everyone. (i forget all their names.) the department co-chair used to teach at falls church, so he kept bringing that up and asking me about my internship. the teacher that's leaving graduated from uva, so we had that to discuss. the other c0-chair knows my high school English teacher. the history teacher that was there scared me a little. she looked mean. suffice it to say, we had little to say to each other. i also did some name dropping, like, "oh, i know jessica d. and kevin l. ooh and jane v." did that sound too desperate?

oh well. i guess i just sit and wait.

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